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When I first started my journey of self discovery and introspection it was very overwhelming to know where to start.  Along my journey I have met some incredible guides, healers, and practitioners that I truly trust.  Some that I consider my inner soul circle because they are individuals I turn to when I also desire the support on my own journey.  I wanted to have a place on my website that gave you the access to individuals! Exploring your options is beautiful part of having the freedom to choose who you want to share your time and energy with.  We all have special gifts, talents, and medicines that can also support you the unfolding of your self discovery.

🤎In Kapwa,



Cole LaRochelle

Cardinal Shadow Work

Medicine: Traditional shadow work using the medicine wheel

Hello, I'm Cole.


I am here to help spiritual practitioners create spiritual integrity by grounding their spirits into traditional teachings of the medicine wheel and shadow work.


I am a nunka of the Lakota tradition. I have dedicated my life to this path. It is through deep reverence and my traditional teachings that I bring forth my medicine.


Within many traditional paths, the community gifts you your titles; you do not proclaim it yourself.


I could list all of the "credentials" and "labels" that western society prides itself on, but I will not. My medicine and those I touch ARE my credentials.


My medicine, like all of us, cannot be encapsulated with words. I work deeply within the lower worlds of shadow, helping people navigate + understand the dark.


I come from grandfathers and grandmothers who worked in the shadows of their communities. Many of my grandmothers worked with the land and plants, bringing aliments to the ill. My grandfathers worked closely with the elements, learning their ways and messages.


I do this for the ancestors who couldn't.


No more will my ancestors' medicine be feared, hidden, or shamed. I am here, standing strong in my medicine, ready to continue their great work.


I am here for YOU.


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Vanessa Sanchez

My Soul Massage  |  Massage Therapist

Medicine: Deep tissue Massage, BioEnergy Regulation, Cupping Therapy, Core synchronism, flower medicine, aromatherapy.

Referral Offering:

🤎 Package of three 60 min massages


🤎Package of five 60 min massages


Simply mention "Kapwa Healing" 




Angela Maria Suarez Cadavid

Psychic Medium | Herbalist | Guide

Hustle and Heart Healing Botanica

Medicine: Offerings of astrology readings, reiki healing, dream interpretation and spiritual guidance.

Referral Offering:

🤎 20% off Any Service

(Readings, dream interpretation, mediumship, etc.)





IMG_1112 1 - Caleb Duckwiler.JPG

Caleb Duckwiler

Personal Trainer

FSB Nutrition and Training

Hey, I'm Caleb!

I'm a personal trainer and online fitness coach in Centennial! I offer 1-1 personal training, as well as online fitness and nutrition coaching tailored specifically to each individual client. The first consultation and session is always free, so come see me!

Referral Offering:

🤎 Free consultation and first time 1:1 training session

- OR  -

🤎 Free access to my latest workout program



DSC00171 - Janine Hernandez.jpeg

Janine Hernandez

Author | Speaker | Book Publishing Coach

Book Publishing Academy

Number ONE Best Selling Author on Amazon

Self Published Author

CEO of Book Publishing Academy

Janine dedicates her to helping people be vulnerable enough to share their story.  In the Book Publishing Academy you have access to a self paced 9 module program where Janine personally coaches you through every step of writing your book from mindset to publishing to the business side of things to speaker engagements!

Referral Offering:

Book a 30 minute Discovery Call and mention "Kapwa Healing" and receive a $200 discount!



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