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Access to your Monthly Sound Baths

  • Surrender

    Every month
    Monthly Subscription to Sound Bath and Light Language Channeling
     30 day free trial
    • One - 30 Minute Virtual Sound Bath per month
    • One - Reiki + Light Language Transmission per month
    • Collective Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

Who is this subscription for?


If you are new to energy medicine and aren't sure what to expect this is a great way to experience the medicine.

Comfort + Liesure

Allow yourself access to sound baths & intuitive messages whenever and where ever you are in the comfort of your own space.


Each video shared in this subscription will be exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet


Making time to receive can be really hard for the busy bee.  Subscribing to Surrender will create intentional commitment to slowing down.

You Deserver it!

DUH!!! Is more explanation needed?

I think not! 😉

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