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Top 5 Women of Color Coaches

Written by: Christina Garcia

Edited by: Kristi Geevs

There’s always room for growth. The deeper I navigate into my adult life, the more I realize that healing inner trauma is an essential part of being the best version of myself. Today, more and more people are understanding the significance we hold as individuals who can turn our experiences into ways of making an impact in each other’s lives. Wherever you have gained wisdom in your own life, you can turn your lessons into a valuable resource to help others out. According to, Life Coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the US today, and with over 23,300 coaching practitioners (me being one of them), how in the world do you even know where to look and who to choose? And why would you trust another individual, such as myself, to be your (spiritual) life coach? I’ll tell you why you can trust me. Any individual out here looking to promote another coach in her field tells you one thing: she isn’t about her capital gain; she is more interested in supporting your specific needs and if it’s not her, she will help direct you to someone who can. To help make your search less overwhelming, I would like to suggest my top five women-of-color coaches in this industry that you should absolutely connect with. Most of these incredible women are also amazing educators of our time; so even if you’re not specifically looking for a life coach, following more positivity on social media will definitely add value to your daily scrolling.

Each and every one of these dynamic women are individuals whom I have personally worked with, and so I KNOW their magic firsthand. It’s because of their contributions to my success and healing that I am the successful, thriving woman I am today! Check them out, and then tell me what you think. Better yet, tell them how amazing they are because I’m fully confident that you will agree with me after!


Melissa Bates :: @_melissabates - Energetic Spiritual Coach

Do you know what light language is? If you connect with this Queen, you will know! Light language is a form of channeled communication that mixes the frequency of melody, sound, and energetics to convey messages from the Source. Every light language is specific to the channeler who emits it. This Light Language Queen, Melissa Bates, sets forth to help women activate their inner light and expand their true power. She is a Starseed activator who amps women up everyday by helping them refine their souls’ purpose so that they can execute life to the fullest. She is also known as the Wealth Code Queen, guiding you to really tap into manifesting the abundance that you desire.

Something I carry very near and dear to my heart that Melissa once said on a stage that I shared with her virtually was (paraphrased): “Money is simply energy. We allow it to carry weight based on the stories it holds from our past and our ancestors. We get to change our relationship with it by understanding the true value it holds and the abundance that is always available to us. We must first understand the significance of receiving love from oneself in order to allow the Universe to respond in the same matter. Whether that be love, money, success, career, etc. It’s all energetic exchanges and we get to play with it!” I highly recommend following her and checking out her Instagram Lives because they are litty litty!

Ilona Pamplona :: @ilonapamplona - Post Modern Oracle

Ay Mami! Where do I even begin with this beautiful soul?! Ilona Pamplona sparks transformation in your life by using a hybrid approach of Astrology and Human Design to activate your soul’s compass towards your purpose. She is an intuitive guide that brings clarity to the path which you are already on and are destined to complete. I have had the pleasure of gaining her guidance multiple times in my life that have led me to clarity in my divorce, my career, and in my personal development. When you are too close to the fire, it’s easier to get burned; but someone from the outside can see it happening before you do. And that’s Ilona. She is your ultimate activator for lighting up your soul's compass to transformation.

She is also the SPELLings Queen--she takes the power of language and breaks words down to their origins in order to help you fully embody the strength they carry when used. With years of expert training, degrees, and certifications, this Compassionista is a magical walk of life who will ignite the high priestess within you. You will leave a session with her feeling clear, understood, and ready to create what you were born to create in this current human experience.

Samantha Dawn :: @bysamanthadawn - Style Confident Coach

And now I present the Self Love Style Goddess of all goddesses, Samantha Dawn. I am lucky enough to have not only collaborated with her online to host a workshop and self love challenge, but I have also had the pleasure of hiring her to rebrand my style and closet. Her range of support comes in various forms of mom help, styling tips, and confidence-boosting from the inside out. She is dedicated to her craft and is always elevating her style programs to fit her clients’ needs.

Not to mention, she is a hot, Filipina mama! Her authentic approach to losing yourself in motherhood is so relatable. After our sessions together, I learned that style isn’t about what you look's about how you feel. It doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming when you really clarify what that means for you. She dives into the mindset you have holding you back from your truest you in the expression of fashion. She has added exclusive meditation tracks to her newest version of her 1:1 program recorded by ME. Level up your style, your confidence, and your life with her! Learn to feel good from the inside out. Click here to be directed to all the services she offers.

Janine Hernandez :: @_janinehernandez - Self Publishing Book Coach

This woman is the epitome of boss babe. If you are looking for someone who is reliable, means what she says, and follows through with what she's Janine Hernandez. She left corporate America five years ago to pursue her dreams of becoming a self-published writer and supporting others who have a desire to do the same thing. She is a Best Selling Author, speaker, and CEO/Founder of The Book Publishing Academy, where she has already helped dozens of people write and publish their own books! She is also a huge activist in her community in Phoenix, Arizona.

Her level of accountability is insurmountable. She is not afraid to state what is in her heart and show up messy in order to speak her truth. Her mission is to show you what’s possible in building up the strength to be vulnerable through the power of your own story. There is a lesson in your experiences that are meant to be shared, tap in. Janine offers group coaching through her Book Publishing Academy. This is a virtual educational platform through Teachable, so that you can learn how to write a book from anywhere around the world. The academy covers mindset, book business plans, budgeting, marketing, editing, and so much more.

In addition to the curriculum, there are weekly meetings with expert speakers who contribute to the strong foundation needed to expand your knowledge as a book writing entrepreneur. I can’t forget to mention that she also just launched a bomb ass referral program where you get paid and can enter to win prizes for enrolling other potential book writers into the academy. Whatever you need to write a book, Janine streamlines all the grunt work and takes you right to the core of what you need within every little detail, in order for you to be successful! You don’t have to be great to start, you just have to start to be great. Personally, I am still in the writing phase of my own book, but I am grateful that Janine is holding me high to get it done. And so, she’ll hold you high, too!

Desiree Kaye :: @desiree_kaye - Conscious Life Coach

If there is one thing I have learned about my own personal healing journey, it is that I’ve walked around for thirty-something years unaware of how many life events and experiences have caused me trauma. As a result, those trauma injuries have been suppressed so deeply that they just seep out of me in other ways...not even realizing the damage I continue to create based on what I have not healed. When I met Desiree, we were both wounded souls searching for our purpose. Her organic evolution of unfolding her truth by re-parenting herself gave birth to her coaching program, Divine & Realign. Desiree Kaye is the perfect symbol of authentic expression. She freely shares how growing up with a narcissistic mother once left her damaged, victimized, and powerless. Rather than living in resentment, she allowed that experience and relationship in her life to empower others and teach them how the wounds of our parents are not ours to hold. Instead, they are there to create certain characteristics and patterns within ourselves that guide us to build awareness around them.

She focuses her practice on the art of bringing awareness to the works of the inner child. She helps high achieving women prioritize their emotions and raise self-awareness through mindfulness and re-parenting practices. Before I entered her coaching program, I was truly unaware of what significant role my parents played in my personal development. This is not to blame, but to be consciously aware of what that truly represents in my life, while creating healthy boundaries to honor myself.

Don’t let this serious talk fool you though. Desiree is also known for her unconditional love to her kitten, Kateri, her amazing taste in the vibiest music, her stellar dance moves, and she is also referred to as Mrs. Champagne Papi, herself (He just doesn’t know it yet). This thriving queen has recently accepted her place into grad school (*Cue Drake’s “I’m so I’m so I’m so Proud of You” with a round of applause, please!). Consequently, she is not taking on any new clients at this time as she is completing her ultimate goal of achieving her Psychotherapy degree. Get it girl!


When there are millions of coaches to choose from, there really is one for every one of your needs. I hope by sharing this information with you about my favorite coaches and ones I have personally worked with, I helped narrow your search down if you are in the market for one. If there are certain coaches you want to give honorable mention to, comment below so the readers and I can connect with them, too. Can I get a “Yes girl!”?!


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