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Get to Know Me!

Connecting with the True You.

A Spiritual Mentor explores the deeper connections between people and the Universe ⚛️. I support others gain a new and deeper understanding of the world they live in through their human experiences and the energies that flow within it. Why is this even important? Well, I know what it feels to be lost, alone and unsupported. As a full time charge nurse, a single-divorced mother to a first grader, and an entrepreneur; I understand the feeling of being Ohh-verwhelmed.  That overwhelm then leading to over thinking (can someone say analysis paralysis?), to anxiety attacks, and finally ..don don don... emotional reactivity.  It wasn't until I tapped into self healing modalities through Reiki, sound healing and the power I have in being a co-creator with this divine universe along with tangible transformational tools that I was able to start managing my own chaos. One of the infamous sayings we tell ourselves when we have the "Ah-Ha" moments is, "If I only knew that back then..." Cue the long sigh. 

Here's good news for you though, if this wacky-high-anxiety-busy-mama could find ways to center herself, be fully responsible and control of herself and find success then I'm telling you that you will too.  You have ALL the answers. It's about peeling back the layers to get to the core of who you truly are!

Along the way of my self discovery I also started to dive deeper into my Filipino ancestry, As I continued to be on a healing journey myself, I wanted to connect to the authentic nature of rooted culture. I wanted to know why this pull to soulful works was so alive in me.  This lead me down another beautiful path of unveiling the truths of decolonization and Filipino Shaman power also known as Babaylan.  Since I started to uncover these parts of my paths and unlock my divine gifts more and more started to make sense in my journey and what lead me in my dreams to what I have created now in reality in the ways I get to support others in their healing journey. Redirecting people back to their truest self is my mission.

I have opened Kapwa Healing because it was important for me to create space that provided a safe enviornment where my clients could release and allow whatever needed to come through in an energy session come through.  In concjunction to my healing sanctuary, I have also developed a Spiritual Mentorship Program called Yes Girl! Thrive.

Yes Girl! Thrive is a Spiritual Mentorship Six Month Program that I offer and it dives into:

✨Negative Self Dialogue
✨Manifesting desire
✨Developing personal empowerment
✨Exploring shadow work
✨Priming one’s intuition
✨Understanding true purpose

Spirituality is all about allowing the Self to be in full connection with the body, heart, and mind. Connection is a vital part of our human needs, and somewhere along the line, you may have lost sight of who you truly are. Stop getting in your own way.  Allow yourself to step into the unknown. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It's in the discomfort that you discover your truth.  Your mess is meant to be a gift and shift it into opportunity for expansion. It's time, Queen. Step into courage and let's ACTIVATE that light within.

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