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Authentic Self Discovery with Christina Ifurung

RN  | Sound Healing & Reiki Practitioner | Light Language Starseed | Spiritual Mentorship | Hype Girl

Who's that Girl?

It's Christina!


Hello Empowered Soul! ​

I am an IV Infusion Registered Nurse (including 12 years of Newborn ICU experience) with a certification in Spiritual Life Coaching who specializes in energy medicine: Sound Healing & Reiki. I've taken multiple courses and worked with a number of healers, intuitives, and coaches to enhance my skills in guiding others back to themselves.  I live life on a level of unmatched enthusiasm and authentic optimism, so you can call me your ultimate hype girl. I'm a single mama to a brilliantly spunky & courageous little man.  Also, an aspiring author and podcaster (Check out Yes Girl! Live on all platforms btw). 

Fun Thangs about ya girl:

Full blooded Filipina decolonizing in the diaspora

Flash Mob Heavyweight Champion 

Sing2 Soundtrack is on my Top Five Spotify Playlist 

Love lifting heavy, but also love chicharrones

Absolutely obsessed with all things woo woo, transformational healing, & self discovery


You have the light that no one can dim and a vibe that those around you have no choice but to feel.

So, lift that head and count it all joy.

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Download My
Light Language + Meditation Album

Need to realign your chakras? Awesome, I got you covered! Now released on all music streaming platforms: Soul Frequential. This is a live channeled light language, sound bath, and meditation album recorded at Colorado Sound Studios and produced by Vance Watt aka @yourbiggestflexmove.  The vision behind creating this album was meant to take you on cosmic journey within yourself depending on where you may feel blockages, need a reset, or simply allow a space of surrender. The mission was to heal the world and raise the conscious vibration one soul at a time. 

Yes Girl! Live


When you win, I win! Join me, your Hype Girl Christina Ifurung, as I dive deep with humans all over the globe who share their passion and wisdom in personal life experiences through real authentic & impactful conversation. Here at the Yes Girl Live Podcast we are an empowering community that believes in the power of vulnerability with an ambitious mission to create collaboration over competition! 


Poem written to the Future Thriving Queen:

She is a wild woman.
She fiercely loves without judgment and allows herself to fall without fear. 
She trusts her intuition and her position to co-create in this universe.
She lives by the light and still knows her way through her shadows.  
She burns with divine energy.
In great awe and wonder,
she claims what is her’s.
She does not flinch when she chooses and understands that is control.
Money is her fairy dust.
Joy is what pumps through her veins. 
The present is her home.
She is not unrefined and undefined. 
She is.

Upcoming Events

  • Revive & Rise: Spiritual Women's Retreat
    Fri, Apr 21
    Private Location
    Apr 21, 10:30 AM – Apr 23, 6:00 PM
    Private Location, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, USA
    Revive your soul in a full weekend of surrender, evolvement, self love and play with like minded women looking for a deep and intimate connection.

Let's Connect Beautiful Soul

Let's create magic! Alchemize your life now ✨

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