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Authentic Self Discovery with Christina Ifurung

RN  | Sound Healing & Reiki Practitioner | Light Language | Spiritual Mentorship 

Attention Sweet Soul


for coming to explore my site.

I wanted to inform you that I am expecting the arrival of my baby any day now! (eek we are due June 5th)...

With that being said, I will be closing my 1:1 bookings and private events until the end of July or August,

If you require any immediate assistance in your energy healing, you can

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Christina I.


Who's that Girl?

It's Christina!

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Hello Beautiful Soul!

Thank you for popping onto my website to see what I am all about.  Rather than bore you with my credentials let me talk to you about the ways in which I stand for you and the medicine that lives through me in as an extension of my ancestors through a vessel of something much bigger than you and me. 


In a world where spiritual discovery is on a rise,  many of us are in search of who we are and our purpose to why we are here on this planet.  it is easy to get lost in the array of people out here claiming to have what you need to guide you to deeper sense of who you.  It is easy to get overwhelmed, distracted and detoured by the glamour of how someone makes healing look.  However, I am here to be fully transparent about what most "guides" in this line of work won't tell you and that is these two things: 

1. There is a duality to healing: dark & light. BOTH are necessary to sit with.

2. There is nothing that I do in our sessions that is outside of the knowledge and power you already possess. 

3. You are the medicine.


Most of the people I work with (including the work I have done on myself) find themselves lost astray from the true essence of who they BE because they've failed to confront the darkness and baggage within themselves that remains dormant due to numbing, suppression, and pretending that all things are ok.  My mission is to bring whole hearted compassion into a safe space helping you to re-member the parts of yourself that lie dormant in your mind, body, heart and spirit.  While being in integral responsibility of your spirit.  We cannot unlock your medicine when you're emotionally and mentally blocked.


We all carry a specific medicine within our bodies, our spirit, our hearts and our DNA that can carry the tools that we need to heal ourselves. 


The real question is are you ready to do the work to uncover it?

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No upcoming events at the moment
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Download My
Light Language + Meditation Album

Need to realign your chakras? Awesome, I got you covered! Now released on all music streaming platforms: Soul Frequential. This is a live channeled light language, sound bath, and meditation album recorded at Colorado Sound Studios and produced by Vance Watt aka @yourbiggestflexmove.  The vision behind creating this album was meant to take you on cosmic journey within yourself depending on where you may feel blockages, need a reset, or simply allow a space of surrender. The mission was to heal the world and raise the conscious vibration one soul at a time. 


Poem written to the Future Thriving Queen:

She is a wild woman.
She fiercely loves without judgment and allows herself to fall without fear. 
She trusts her intuition and her position to co-create in this universe.
She lives by the light and still knows her way through her shadows.  
She burns with divine energy.
In great awe and wonder,
she claims what is her’s.
She does not flinch when she chooses and understands that is control.
Money is her fairy dust.
Joy is what pumps through her veins. 
The present is her home.
She is not unrefined and undefined. 
She is.

Photo Credit: Lauren Verbel

Yes Girl! Live


When you win, I win! Join me, your Hype Girl Christina Ifurung, as I dive deep with humans all over the globe who share their passion and wisdom in personal life experiences through real authentic & impactful conversation. Here at the Yes Girl Live Podcast we are an empowering community that believes in the power of vulnerability with an ambitious mission to create collaboration over competition! 

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